Cargo Shipping


Oversized Cargo Shipping- Oversized Freight

What is considered oversized Cargo?

1. Freight that exceeds the dimensions of a container or flat rack, or exceeds equipment weight limitations
2. Any self-propelled vehicles, other than those which fit into the personal vehicle category
3. Towable cargo
It is possible to ship anything internationally, no matter what the size or shape. Some oversized items require special handling and equipment. Shipping oversize cargo from one area of the world to the other is a mighty challenge. The list of oversize cargo that can be shipped inside and outside the United States includes vehicles like cars, boats, trucks, construction machinery, and mining machinery. By using the proper means of protection for heavy machinery with delicate parts, you can rest assured that your equipment will arrive at its international destination with no issues. Professionals follow all the essential steps of shipping oversize cargo overseas. Oversized items will arrive at their final destination with the same care and protection as standard freight.

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